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"When you are not good at something in life, do not succumb to the pitfall that is mediocrity. Instead, strive towards mastery. Strive towards happiness."

The biggest epiphany I came to in my life?


“If you are not good at something in life, you don’t have to settle for mediocrity, but instead you can learn to master that very thing.”


Sounds simple, right? But how many people do you know who are living the life of their dreams? Who are truly happy and completely fulfilled and satisfied with life? Who don't dread mondays and count the days until the weekend?

Seems like it’s not that simple after all...

But it can be, with the right guidance.

You are most likely reading this because you are interested in improving your life one way or another. May I sincerely congratulate you?

Did you know that the vast majority of people settle for mediocrity in their lives? They feel stuck at their job, but tell themselves this is the best they can do, this is the safest job to have and the most money they deserve to earn...

They settle for a partner they are not entirely satisfied with, but they rationalize to themselves that they cannot get anyone better. That they perhaps do not even deserve anyone better...

Can you blame them, though? They never taught you any of this stuff in school!

But who imposes these limitations on our income? On our freedom? On our happiness? our parents? Our government? Our teachers? Do those limitations actually exist in the first place?

May I suggest that these limits are completely self-imposed? That they are a product of your own thinking? That they do not actually exist somewhere out there in the real world?

May I suggest that they aren't real...?



If only people realized what is out there! You can be free. You can be happy.

You deserve the perfect partner.

You deserve the millions in your bank account.

You deserve the peace of mind you are after.

You deserve the love of your life.

You deserve happiness...




Not only is this kind of freedom and happiness possible, I would go as far as saying you owe it to yourself to pursue it!

Why do some people deserve to have all the money they desire, to have the perfect partner by their side, to do things they love on a daily basis?

Why do some people seem so happy and excited all the time, while others are stuck in their thoughts, stuck in their head and their limited thinking?

Are these happy people a special breed, perhaps? Of course not! They are just one or two steps ahead of the average person when it comes to mastering their emotions and psychology. When it comes to mastering dating. They might have learned from a mentor how to deal with their own psychology and inner demons, and how to DESTROY limiting beliefs that kept them stuck in a life that they never really wanted. They dug up their dreams that they had given up on years ago, and they might now be pursuing those with a new-found love for life. They are now finally truly happy.

This could be you, too...

Because here is the deal: No one is going to do it for you. Look around! Everyone around us has accepted the status quo, virtually everyone has accepted the mediocrity, and they now live lives of quiet desperation, and often loud desperation, too.

This does NOT have to be you!

That's where I come in. My name is Thomas, and I have taken it upon myself to help you become happy, whatever that might mean for you.

As both a dating and happiness coach, I have built up the reputation amongst my clients that I always give 100% of my efforts, regardless of your personal situation.

If any of the above resonates with you, if you feel like it's finally time to think about yourself and your own happiness, to break free from your limitations and to find happiness, then consider letting me help you with a consultation call that is entirely for FREE!




One more thing, though...

I am sure you understand that I cannot help just anyone, and that the quality of clients is a determining factor for my coaching sessions. Please do not take this the wrong way, but I only want to work with clients who are serious about changing their lives for the better. If you feel like you are not ready to see real change yet, then my coaching might not be for you. Thank you for understanding that I only like working with people who are ready to become happy. It does not matter how bad, sad or lost you feel right now: All I ask of you is to give this your all, if you choose to work with me.

If you are interested in improving your dating life, consider also jumping on a FREE call with me.

I believe that open and efficient communication is key. If you have any questions regarding my coaching, products, services or policies - don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love to hear from you!