Dating coach specialized in "nice guys"


My name is Thomas. I am 21 years young and I live in Belgium.


I love to travel and discover all different cultures around the world. I like integrating different perspectives into my own life as to broaden my world view.

I have discovered my passion for helping people a while ago now. I personally underwent a MASSIVE, life changing transformation when it comes to my dating life, and today I love making the same results happen in other people's lives.


I have been coaching people both in Dutch and English for over a year now.


My expertise is found in both my theoretical and practical understanding of the dating field, which contains some complex though fascinating subfields like confidence, attraction, body language, social dynamics and more.


I don’t find my university degree, which explored psychology, developmental psychology, collective psychology, sociology, and so on, to be my biggest advantage in coaching. No, quite frankly that is all just academics and theory.


My biggest strength is my own curiosity and experience with these matters. I transformed my dating life completely several years ago now by learning about the fundamental principles of both dating and happiness.


I spent over 1100+ hours learning these principles from the world's most renowned and best coaches and leaders in this field. I then applied their teachings and tactics in my own life, with great succes.


My biggest strength is not theory but practice and experience.


I found my own personal transformation so inspiring that I wanted to give back to others.


And so here we are...


I have helped men to finally get into a relationship with the person they truly desire, so they don’t have to settle for anything less.


I have clients who tell me that they were unhappy before they took on my coaching, and they finally found happiness after my coaching with them.


That is honestly all I want out of life: To help people in such a meaningful way while having fun and developing a genuine connection at the same time.


If you are not completely satisfied with your dating life, why not jump on a free call with me or shoot me a quick message to tell me what I could potentially help you with?


Because what's more worthwhile in life than to love deeply and passionately?


Hope to meet you soon.



Thomas V

"Within our western society and culture, it is generally assumed that, if we are at all intelligent, we should just know how to live a good life already. This, of course, could not be further from the truth. In today's age, it's very simple to gain acces to a lot of valuable information and wisdom on how to build an awesome life for yourself. Allow me to suggest that my coaching might help you embark on that journey."

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