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Published on March 9, 2019 at 3:19 PM

I had been on a personal quest to brighten up my bedroom for a while, once I realized that I can only buy so many fancy lightbulbs with different colour settings. (I'm a sucker for these things, I admit. I even wrote a blogpost about them here) When I stumbled upon Displates I quickly realized I had found what I needed to bring some extra colour and liveliness to my room. Allow me to share with you what Displate can do for you.


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Displates are, essentially, posters printed on metal. This would not be as amazing as it sounds if it wasn't for the fact that there is an abundance of designs out there to pick from. What impressed me the most is that I actually like a lot of these design, definitely considering they are mostly made by independent artists. Anyone who thinks they can create a high quality image of something they like can get it to be sold on Displate as an artist. Likewise, anyone who believes to have a large enough following can promote Displates they like to their audience as an art agent. More so than an online store, they are a community of people who share a passion for this artistic wall decoration. From retro posters to cute little animals to neat and minimalistic designs, you'll find something you would want to have on your wall, I'm sure.

Initially, when I received my first Displate, I was amazed at the lively and vibrant colours of it. The quality is really good, especially considering the price. Also, it's very easy to mount these bad boys. There was a wipe included to clean the wall and after that it's just a matter of smacking the sticky pad against the wall and making sure your metal poster isn't displayed at a weird angle. (which turned out to be a bigger challenge than I gave it credit for. Ask a friend for help or just have some general sense of orientation, I was lacking both)

Now take a look at this little fella to the left here and tell me you wouldn't want to have him displayed on your living room wall. I want you to look into his eyes while you're saying it, too. Exactly, you can't do it either! There's many more like this one. Some personal favourites of mine are the penguin and the bunny but. (Yes, you read that right) If you want to check out the collections I made with the Displates I really like, you can click here. Also, they currently have a promotion code running on their website for 15 to 30% off. I personally, amongst some others, picked up three vintage maps that have a really neat design. I also made a collection of these maps on my personal Displate page here.

I have to admit, I have probably spend too much time lately browsing the Displate search engine, because that's what it appears to be. No matter the topic or keyword you can come up with, there's probably a Displate about it that you might like. Here is why I like their concept so much, though: More so than an online store, Displate is a community of artistic people who not only seem to provide pretty high quality content, but also care for the environment while doing what they do.  By buying their artwork you support their project to plant ten trees with every Displate sold, and you get to have a cool wall poster on metal, seems like a win-win to me!

If you haven't been seduced by these charming creatures, don't worry! For those of you who are more into sports or gaming, they've got you covered, too. I might even get one of these things for my mom's birthday in two days to break up the usual chocolate and flowers routine.


By any means they've convinced me, let me know in the comments if you enjoyed browsing their products as much as I have and which ones you are picking up!

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