3 texting mistakes guys make when texting girls

I see so many guys succesfully interacting with a girl they like only to then mess it all up when they are texting the girl. You can easily avoid this by following the three rules I will share with you below to make sure you don't get flaked on by the girls you would like to go out with. These are some of the main reasons why nobody is replying to your texts on Tinder, for example, or after you already met the girl in real life. The truth is that most of these mistakes are easy fixes, meaning once you are aware of them and you make it into a habit of never again making these same mistakes, you will appear to be a lot more attractive online and over text. The follow-up after that is up to you. For some help there, I would suggest giving this article a thorough read.

#1 Value leeching questions


First and foremost, the obvious. Guys please, for the love of God, STOP sending stupid, uninteresting messages like: "Hey, how are you?" or "How was your day?" Or in my opinion the worst, most boring question you could EVER ask a girl: "What are you doing?"


These are what we call 'value leeching questions'. Every single guy whose life is not interesting at all asks these kind of questions. They cannot come up with even one single interesting thing that is going on in their life so they decide to lay the burden of being interesting and exciting, if you will, on the girl. Their reasoning goes a little like this: "I don't know what to tell you, I just want to get with you. I have nothing interesting going on in my life so I'll just ask you what you have been up to. That way, I can keep living my cozy little life in which nothing exciting ever happens but at least I don't have to come up with interesting texts."


LITTERALY 95% of guys go for these stupid questions. Think about it: Are these funny questions? Will they make the girl smile or laugh, even? And most importantly, do they spark the girls' emotions? The answer to all of these is a not-so-surprising "NO".

#2 Following up on your own texts


This is another huge DO-NOT which so many guys fall prey to anyways. Whenever they do not receive an answer from the girl 4 seconds later, they get offended and start asking the girl why they are getting ignored or even worse yet: "Why did you give me your number if you're not replying anyways? You're just a waste of time." 


These kind of actions just scream desperation and neediness. Instead of leading a happy life by yourself, you feel the need to get offended over the fact that a random girl you barely know does not reply to your uninteresting texts within five minutes. Here is the deal: Not everyone is just staring at their phone waiting to receive a text from a random someone.


I want you to realize that replying to your own texts is just a huge turn off for girls. No girl who is even remotely cute or interesting will (still) like you if she checks her phone after a while and notices that you had a monologue of ten texts in which you get increasingly offended at the fact that you are talking to yourself because you have no other girls to talk to. Do you see how desperate and full of agenda this is? DO NOT continue making this mistake, please.

"Attraction is an emotional response, not a logical one."

#3 Being predictable


This should, at least in my humble opinion, go without saying, yet I see so many guys horribly messing up their (text) conversations with the girl they like simply because the girl already knows what's coming next. This third mistake kind of goes hand-in-hand with the two previous ones, and deserves to be mentioned seperately. Do not be that guy who only asks 'value leeching questions' like we talked about, or who only knows two topics of conversation: Baseball and the current weather.


But why is being a little boring so bad, anyways? Well here is the deal. Have you ever seen one of those mainstream videos in which interviewers ask random girls on the street or at a festival: "What non-physical things do you find attractive in a guy?" One of the top answers in such interviews is always: "A guy who can make me laugh." Now, why do you think that is? I'll tell you why: it's because girls are driven by emotions. They are way less logical than men, typically. For them, attraction is all about the rollercoaster of emotions. "Does this guy like me or not?", "Is this guy funny or not?", "Is he seeing other girls or not?" If the girl asks herself these kind of questions during an interaction with you, chances are you are doing something right. The thing is, if you are only asking boring, mundane and uncreative questions, she won't have to wonder whether she likes you or not, the answer will just be a boring NO. Her emotional radar will show a flat, beeping line.

So here you have it: The tree biggest mistakes guys make when texting girls they like. In a future blogpost, we will explore alternative ways on how to not only avoid mistakes but what to text her instead to spark her emotions, make her attracted to you as quickly as possible and to turn her on, so stay tuned. If these blogposts are an interesting or entertaining read for you, I would assume you will also really like the content in the most popular eBook we have on sale at the moment: How to Really get a girlfriend. (50% off)

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