Do these 3 THINGS when texting a girl to make her crazy about you!

In a previous blogpost, I talked about three crucial mistakes you should avoid at all cost when you are texting a girl. Today I will discuss three things you SHOULD absolutely start doing in order to make the girl you are texting crazy about you. When we text a girl, or any person, for that matter, we are kind of limited in the way we can express ourselves. The girl does not see your body language, she doesn't know whether you are nervous or confident, she cannot gauge if you are an attractive alpha male as easily as she would like. That is why, when we are having text conversations on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or Tinder or any other platfom, we have to make sure we convey our -hopefully- awesome personality through the means we have available.

"We have to convey our personality through the means we have available."

#1 Qualifying

I would recommend to start making it into a habit to consistently and habitually qualify the girls you text. Qualifying a girl means that you screen her to see whether she is a girl you would want to be with. This has a whole list of benefits, one of which being that you come over as a high-value person who is non-needy. Consider the following examples of what we call qualifiers:


"Are you ambitious? Do you have long-term goals in your life?"


"Are you an independent person? Because I really don't like clingy girls, I can't help it."


"You don't smoke, do you now?"


The above sentences are powerful messages you can send a girl (in an appropriate context, of course) because usually it is girls who qualify guys. When a girl suddenly comes across a guy who texts her these things to see if she is worthy enough of being with him instead of the other way around, she will immediately realize that you are a high value man.

#2 Sexual intent

Now that we have established the idea that we have high standards, we already have a huge advantage over 99% of other guys. Most guys put the girl on a pedestal, they are needy and desperate for the girls' attention and validation. They are the so called nice guys. We, on the other hand, have already made very clear to the girl early on that we do not just want to have ANY girl, we do not settle for mediocrity. We qualify to see if the girl is worthy of our time and effort.


So now that we have qualified the girl we can start by introducing sexual intent into our conversations. How do we do this? Simple. By flirting. You can read all about flirting in this ebook. Flirting in the right way is a very crucial step to stand out over other guys, and this is especially true over text because your words are what the girl gets to experience about you. It is just you and your verbal wittiness and awareness of social and romantic dynamics. that is why flirting the right way is truly important: It is a surefire way to judge your value for a girl.


For in-depth and step-by-step flirting techniques, please head over to the ebook I mentioned ealier. Adding the right amount of sexual intent into your conversations with girls is absolutely critcial if you do not want to be send over the the friendzone prison. Or, you know, an actual prison if you go crazy overboard with your sexual intent.

#3 Closing

So now for the last and MOST CRITICAL step: Closing. With closing I mean that you have to actively get the girl to agree to your goal, whatever that might be. It could be going on a date, having her come over to your place, making her your girlfriend or anything else. Ask yourself the question: "Why am I texting this girl? What is my goal with her?" The answer to that question is your close


It saddens me to see so many guys do either one of these extremes: Either they have barely texted a random girl on Tinder for two messages and they go: "Hey, wanna go on a date?" On the other end of the spectrum, we find the type of guys who text whole paragraphs to the girl they like but never get to the point. They almost text a whole essay but never actually (dare to) ask the girl out. They talk for weeks or even months back-and-forth until the girl eventually loses interest and stops replying. It always stuns me how guys actually think that any of these naive strategies would work. Consider this approach to close a girl:


After you have established a high-value premise between you and the girl and you introduced sexual intent into the conversation, you now have a great foundation to go for a close. As for the delivery; do not just ask the girl out of the blue if she wants to go on a date with you. Gauge for her schedule that week and screen to see if she is bought-in into the conversation, meaning: Does it seem like she would be willing to go on a date with me, given the previous couple of texts? If, for example, the girl was just complaining to you how she is very tired after a hard day at work, it should be a given not to ask her out that night. using common sense goes a long way.



So there you have it: Three things to systematically add to your text game in order for your results to skyrocket. Leave a comment down below if you have any more questions on the topic and to let me know how it went. Please also leave a rating to show me how much you enjoyed this post, thank you!

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