TINDER: Fix these three things to TRIPLE your matches(!)

Dating apps like Tinder are a great way to meet girls or guys with a clean slate: It is a great way to convey your personality starting from zero and hopefully building up a true connection with the other person.


On Tinder, however, you are partaking in a very competitive market. That is why it is necessary to get a few crucial steps down in order to stand out from the endless supply of guys who are also trying to date the girls in your area. If you don't get a lot of matches and/or you get flaked on a lot, make sure to carefully implement the following steps into your Tinder profile to see your matches get tripled, at least.

#1 pictures

Your pictures, especially your first, are by far the most important element on Tinder. Think about it, your picture is the very first thing people get to see. If they don't convey the right amount of value, you will immediately get swiped left on, and you won't even be given the chance to spill your game.


So what kind of pictures should you include on your profile? The answer is simple: non try-hard, high value pictures. Let me explain.


Non try-hard means exactly that: It shouldn't look like you went to extreme lengths to get the perfect picture taken just to show off or to impress girls with. The classic "shirtless gym mirror selfie" is a great example of how NOT to go about Tinder, or any social media platform, for that matter. That is not to say that you cannot show the nice things you have going for you in your life. If you happen to have a great body or a fancy sports car, by all means have a picture on your Tinder profile showing that. The trick is to subtly IMPLY your high-value, not to show off or brag. The idea behind this is an age old trick which is known as the snapshot effect. It must look as though whatever is going on in the picture was a result of a spontaneous moment, not an intended, pre-planned one. So no pictures of you taking a selfie with a girl friend of yours to show off that you have pretty girls in your life. In fact, avoid selfies at all costs. They imply that you have no one around to take pictures of you and they never take advantage of the snapshot effect, of course. Here is an example of how you can imply high value without being try-hard: I have a client who has a picture of him at the beach,where his shredded body ‘just happens to be showing’. He is surrounded by pretty girls, but none of them are posing for the pictures, or so it seems at least. They are all just smiling and having a good time without any regard for the camera.


So now you know what kind of pictures you need. A last remark on pictures is the following: Make sure you have high quality pictures taken of you. Nowadays that’s easier than ever, since the phones in our pocket do a pretty good job already, but if you can, try to have pictures taken with a more professional camera.

#2 Bio

Your bio, or the text under your pictures, is another opportunity to gain an advantage over all those other guys who use this space to write their resume or to list a whole bunch of hobbies they supposedly have. Instead what I recommend you to do is to have a few components in place in your bio which gives you the edge over all of above discussed people:


Belgian. USA based. Traveled the world (2018). Cathair


Please be as pretty as advertised.


Let’s break this down to gain a better understanding of why this bio is better than most others out there. First of all, notice the use of keywords. Don’t write out full sentences, but instead opt for short phrases or words. If you have a whole essay written in your bio, chances are girls won’t even take the time to read through it. Then what is the  point of having it there, right?


Secondly, if you have some noteworthy accomplishment you achieved or some cool things you did, you can include these here, too. Same deal as with the pictures though: Do not make it try-hard.


Thirdly, I threw in a random word there, being “cathair.” This word is super random and is meant to create some mystery around you. Chances are girls will be curious enough to open you and start talking to you, wondering what that word could possibly mean. And there you go, the girl now opened the conversation in your place.

Lastly, the most important factor of all: a provoking “shit-test”, this line: “Please be as pretty as advertised.” or “Please don’t be fat in real life.” These are genius lines if applied correctly because they spark the girls’ emotions. It makes you their ‘beep’ in an otherwise boring, logical and flat heartbeat on Tinder for them. Same deal here: They might open you to talk about your slightly provoking line so you don’t have to start the conversation. Just make sure they aren't offensive.

#3 Texting


The first two components were there to make sure you can get more matches on Tinder. This last component is where you use those matches and close the girls properly. Or; where you get the girls to go on dates with you. Because it is all good and well to have a lot of matches, but if you don’t know how to text the girls you matched with you are still at square one. That is why I wrote a completely separate article on how to text girls to get them completely hooked on you so they will actually take the initiative upon themselves to ask you out. This doesn’t always happen but if you know what you are doing and you implement these three things correctly into your texts, those chances are pretty high. Also, please avoid these crucial mistakes when texting your match, you will thank yourself later for being aware of these.

If you have any more questions regarding Tinder or texting in general, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below this post. I would also greatly appreciate it if you could leave a rating below on how useful or entertaining this article was to you. Thank you!



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