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"The biggest mistake you can make is trying to figure everything in life out yourself, when others before you have already gone through the pain and suffering of doing so."

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Ready to END the loneliness and start DATING high quality women?

It's time to finally master dating, end all confusion and go out with beautfil girls.

If any of the following resonates with you...

There are no women in your life currently, despite your efforts

You can't seem to get girls to go on a date with you

You are nice to girls but they are never interested in you

Or if it seems to you like...

Pretty women only fall for rude, overly cocky men

You will never be confident and good-looking enough to attract the prettiest women

You are at a disadvantage because you have been married or in a relationship most of your life

Then here is my advice to you:








The good news is that you are here, right now! Somehow, you stumbled upon this page, which means that you are interested in changing your dating life for the better.

May I sincerely congratulate you?

Most people settle for mediocrity in life. They settle for a partner they are not entirely satisfied and happy with, because the voice in their head tells them they cannot do any better, that they are lucky to be with a woman at all!

It is this voice that I want to absolutely DESTROY together with you.


These limiting beliefs are holding you back from a lifetime full of happiness with the perfect partner of your OWN choosing. No longer will you be the one who hopefully gets picked by girls. No, from then on, it will be YOU who will choose if a woman is worthy of dating you. All the power will be in YOUR hands. I know you don't believe this is possible for you yet, and that it totally fine... For now.


See, the thing is that this voice in your head I talked about is still very much there. But why do you have these limiting beliefs around self-worth and attraction? Is it perhaps because you are objectively bad for girls to date? Because you are just not good-looking enough? Because you lack the confidence required to get with the highest quality women?

NO, NO and NO!

Allow me to let you in on a secret. Before I discovered this secret myself, I was...


  • shy

  • awkward

  • had no confidence

  • Had low self-esteem

  • was TERRIBLE with girls

  • Was extremely CONFUSED about how dating and attraction worked.


I was still in high school and I saw all these pretty girls around me. I fell in love with a girl and developed a MASSIVE crush on her. All I wanted was to be with her, to spend time with her. To tell her that I want to hang out with her. To tell her that I loved her.


However, I didn't know how to do this, nor did I have the confidence to do so. The result? I didn't do anything. I didn't take action and it saddened me deeply for many years. I felt anxious, despressed and lonely.


But then I discovered the secret to this whole thing...


This one epiphany that changed my outlook on dating and even LIFE completely...


Ready? Here it is...


“If you are not good at something in life, you don’t have to settle for mediocrity, but instead you can learn to master that very thing.”


Sounds simple, right?


I can hear you think: "How is that a secret, isn't that obvious?"


Well, how many people do you know who are living the life of their dreams?


Who are truly happy and completely fulfilled and satisfied with their dating life?


Who are together with their soul-mate, their perfect partner, their "the one"?

Seems like it’s not that simple after all...

But it can be, with the right guidance.


That's where I come in.


My name is Thomas V, and I have taken it upon myself to help you get the most out of your dating life.


Together with you, and depending on your personal situation, I want to help you...

Date the women of your dreams

Become extremely confident when on dates or in any social situation

Master attraction

Become completely satisfied with your dating life


Why choose coaching?


My 1 on 1 coaching programs are only for certain people. Not everyone is ready to see massive change in their life yet. If you are at this point in life, however, where you are sick of not seeing the results in your dating life that you truly desire, so that you don't have to settle for mediocre results ever again, my coaching programs might be for you. There is no age restriction on my coaching, I can help men from 18 to 55+ years old.


If any of the following desires apply in any way to your life, you could consider getting 1 on 1 coaching with me.


You have a crush on a girl and don't know how to make her yours


You want to get a high quality girlfriend


You are a so called 'nice guy' and are confused about how to attract girls


You barely get any matches on TINDER or other dating apps


You don't know how to go from a match on TINDER to an actual date


You have been married or in a relationship for a long time and are confused about how dating works today


You want MORE and CONSISTENT results in your dating game


You want to improve your general skill with girls


You are a beginner to dating and you don't really know where to start


You want to gain amazing levels of CONFIDENCE around women


You want to improve your inner game (confidence, charisma, body language, mindset, habits...)


You want to DESTROY your limiting beliefs around dating


You want to find the one...




If any of the above resonates with you and you are considering to be coached by me, I must warn you, though.


Please don't take this the wrong way, but as a coach, I only want to work with people who are serious about seeing results in their lives.


My coaching is NOT:


My coaching IS:


If you are not ready for this kind of big, positive impact yet and to have your limiting beliefs be chattered completely, then, for now, I suggest to take a look at the following material

If, however, you believe it is finally time to think about yourself and your own happiness, and you feel like you are ready to work with me 1-on-1, then consider jumping on a COMPLETELY FREE consultation call with me, during which we will work together for 30 minutes. During these 30 minutes, I will make a general assessment of your current situation and decide whether I can truly help you and work with you. This call is completely FOR FREE and I will provide you with valuable and personal tips and insights to help you jump-start your dating journey. This call is completely without obligation and free of charge.


Thank you for understanding that I only like working with people who are ready to see real transformation in their dating lives. It does not matter how bad, sad or lost you feel right now; All I ask of you is to give this your all, if you choose to work with me.


Are you tired of not getting any matches online?


Are you tired of not being able to convert the matches you get into real-life dates?

Are you tired of being alone?


Do you want to start sharing your life with a high-quality woman?


Are you ready to start going on 4+ dates a week?

"Winners aren't born... They're crafted."