Our sale partners


How to Really is a well-represented brand, selling its ebooks on a wide variety of platforms. We also like to connect to other brands out there who positively impact your shopping experience as a customer. Every so often, some of our partners have discount deals on their platform, allowing you to purchase our content for an even cheaper price than we can offer it on our website. These discounts often start at 50% off! This means more content for you to enjoy and learn from, while saving some extra money you can spend towards improving yourself! Check below for our partners and their current discounts.

Amazon Kindle is the number one publisher of e books worldwide! They are currently offering our books witdiscount of 50%(!) 

Payhip is a very trusted partner of How to Really and sells all of our ebooks! They, too, offer a cheaper price for our books this very moment! (50% off!)

Displate is a platform which sells prints on metal. They are an affiliate partner of How to Really, as they allow us to offer our customers a discount on their products via the link above. We also have a blog post about Displate which displays some of their amazing artwork!