Over the years, I have always been very excited to not only share my knowledge about dating through coaching my clients, but also by writing down my biggest lessons. If you wish to purchase some of my content, have a look below for my collection. The shop is divided into two categories: Ebooks and special, limited offers.


How to Really get a girlfriend is by far the most popular E Book in its series! It goes beyond the mainstream advice and narrative society spoonfeeds us about the social and romantic dynamics between males and females. This E Book tells you how to attract her, make your relationship tangible, sustainable and healthy, and how to keep it exciting and refreshing for years to come.
It contains comprehensible and practical steps to getting -and keeping!- the girl of your dreams.

The advice in this E Book is theoretically and practically built over more than a decade of research and includes knowledge, insights and experiences of over 10 000 hours of combined "field tested" material.


How to Really get a girlfriend is at the lowest price it's ever been right now, but the principles described in it are timeless and completely up-to-date with the digital world we find ourselves in today.

Attraction Algorithm by Thomas V is a fool-proof, step-by-step guide on how to attract girls and make them seek you out to date. If you have ever found yourself in the friendzone or have been rejected by a girl; this book is a must-read for you! The 4 comprehensible steps carefully explained in this book guarantee the reader great succes with girls. If not, there is always the money-back guarantee, even though the original cost of this book is less than eight dollars.


Special Offers

Online dating profile make-over

Tired of not getting any matches?

Tired of seemingly only matching with the lowest quality girls?


Receive a 1 on 1 call from me during which I will take a very detailed look at your current online dating profile on Tinder or other apps/websites. I will show you how you can optimize your online presence in the dating world which will lead you from barely any matches to getting around 25 times(!)* more and higher quality matches.

*Rough estimate

Tired of getting ignored?
Tired of hearing "sorry, I'm busy this weekend."?

In this crash course, you will receive a call from me in which I will reveal the exact step-by-step on how to go from a match on Tinder or a similar online dating platform to going on an actual, real life date. Because what's the use in getting matches if you are unable to properly convert them into dates?

TEXTING MASTERY - Online match to offline date

1 on 1 message exchange

Another offer I have for you is to take a very detailed look at your personal situation of where you are currently at in your dating game. I will ask you questions specifically targetted at figuring out what you are already good at and in what areas you might be lacking. After that, I will carefully construct a game plan personally adjusted to your sticking points! This is a great opportunity for you to receive high quality coaching targeted directly at your current situation. My options for message exchange are listed below. As a general rule, I limit our back and forth traffic to 250 messages each. (so 500 in total) Oftentimes, I greatly overdeliver and keep helping my clients until they are ready to take their learning to a next step. These are the means of communicaton I offer: